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Following Your Heart


Thanks for checking out my music !!!

I’m a 24yr old acoustic soul singer/songwriter and am really excited to have just released my seven track EP titled ‘Creativity’.

For the last six years I have been performing live at every possible music venue that would have me, learning my trade and enjoying every moment in the process. The live gigs have been a fantastic way for me to progress musically and have given me the chance to play my music to thousands of people. I am extremely grateful for all of the positivity and encouragement that the many people have given me over the years and it is as a result of this that I have had the incentive and belief in myself to write, record and release my own material.

All songs on the EP are my own original material, inspired and influenced by many of the worlds’ greatest and soulful artistes. Each track has its own style, tells its own story and is a reflection of my musical progression to date.  I am very lucky to have some great musicians contribute their wonderful playing on the EP resulting in a work that I am extremely proud of.

I have just released a brand new 5 track EP titled ‘Following Your Heart’ which is available to listen on Spotify & Itunes or you can purchase a physical copy in the store

Much love Joe x